Georgian Justice Minister Thea Tsulukiani met with Deputy Foreign Minister of Iraq Nizar Issa Abdul-Hadi Al-Khairalla, who is on a visit in the country.

Local bureau of Report informs that the issue on the Georgian citizen Shalala Samadova, who was sentenced to life imprisonment in Iraq, was also discussed during the meeting.

Tsulukiani thanked the Iraqi side for assistance in returning Samаdova’s three young children to Georgia in October last year.

The minister said that he hoped Iraq would continue its bilateral cooperation with Samadova’s transfer to Georgia and demand by Ministry of Justice would be met.

The issues of bilateral cooperation and the teenage citizen of Georgia, who was kidnapped by his Iraqi father, were also considered.

Notably, 26-year-old Shalala Samadova was a resident of Ganjali village of Lagodekhi region, Georgia. His Azerbaijani husband, who was a Russian citizen, joined the ISIS terrorist organization. Despite he was killed during military operations, according to Iraqi laws, his wife was sentenced to life imprisonment for being married to a person accused of being a terrorist.