Hungary has high technologies that control losses and quality of drinking water sources. They can be implemented in Azerbaijan and Türkiye, Yalcin Orhon, Director General of the Hungarian Export Promotion Agency (HEPA), told Report’s Ankara Bureau.

According to him, Azerbaijani and Hungarian companies can implement many joint projects.

“There are problems with the quality of drinking water all over the world today. From the source of water to the destination, 45% of drinking water is lost. Hungary has found a solution to this problem. Imagine that the daily monitoring of all water supply networks of the huge Budapest, the quality and quantity of water is under control of oone person responsible for this field. The problem is detected on the monitor and is quickly solved with the help of high technologies. As far as I know, Türkiye and Azerbaijan are also facing a problem of loss of drinking water on the way from the source to the consumer. In this regard, the implementation of joint projects between Hungarian, Turkish and Azerbaijani companies is possible,” the head of the agency said.