The decision to withdraw Russian peacekeepers from Azerbaijan is correct; they have nothing more to do in Azerbaijani territories, Director of the Report Information Agency Fuad Huseynaliyev said on air of the Actual program on Baku TV, according to Report.

“It makes no sense for the Russian military to stay here. Some time ago they started to assist in mine clearance, but I think there are different methods for this too. They can provide their assistance in mine clearance through the Ministry of Emergency Situations. So, there is no need to keep them in the country.

The presence of Russian peacekeepers in Azerbaijan is not beneficial for either us or Russia; just the other way round, it is an additional expense and burden,” Fuad Huseynaliyev said.

“Apparently the Russian peacekeepers reported the situation to official Moscow. And after that, at the level of the country’s leadership, it was decided to wrap up the mission,” he added.

The director of the agency emphasized that the deployment of peacekeepers in Karabakh and other adjacent areas in 2020 was to be carried out in parallel with the withdrawal of Armenian armed forces from these territories: