“There is a large Armenian community in France, and this fact places a huge responsibility on the country to restore peace between Azerbaijan and Armenia. Finally, France must understand its responsibility as a UN member and a friend of Azerbaijan and move on to action,” Laurent Poultier du Mesnil, vice-president of the France-Azerbaijan Dialogue Association (ADFA), told the French Service of Report.

According to him, as a UN member, France should start an investigation to study the truth about Khojaly events.

“Until now, France has failed to play its role. France could also play a part in resolving the Karabakh conflict but missed this chance. At the very least, now France must show commitment and start an international investigation to study the Khojaly tragedy. We turned to French President Emmanuel Macron. A tragedy has occurred in Khojaly, France must begin to look into it closely,” Laurent Poultier du Mesnil said.

He noted the importance of delivering information about the Khojaly tragedy to everyone, including the Armenian people.

“The Armenian people must know the truth to restore peace. Armenians must understand that the Armenian army and its leaders committed a massacre against the Azerbaijani people. When everyone knows the truth, peace will be achieved. Everyone, including the Armenian people, should finally be aware of the heavy losses and damage inflicted on the Azerbaijani people for a long time,” he added.