We can be prudently optimistic about the results of the meeting of the foreign ministers of Azerbaijan and Armenia in Berlin, Maxime Gauin, a French historian and political scientist, teacher at ADA University, told Report.

“Because Nikol Pashinyan has signed the Grenada declaration, where, for the first time on a written form, he mentioned the number of square kilometers of the Azerbaijani territory, confirming his recognition of both Karabakh and the eight occupied villages as part of Azerbaijan. There was the first mutual diplomatic support of Armenia and Azerbaijan on the diplomatic field (for the organization of the COP29), and he announced a reform of the Constitution, a demand of the Azerbaijani government,” he said.

Besides, he noted that it seems clear that the vote of the US Senate to reactivate Section 907 (banning any help to Azerbaijan) has diminished the position of Washington, even more as no senator voted against this reactivation: