Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian has warned that French citizens face a security risk “everywhere,” after three people were murdered in a suspected jihadist attack at a church in Nice.

On Friday, a day after he stated that France is a “country of tolerance” that extends “a message of peace to the Muslim world,” Le Drian issued the warning to his fellow citizens, particularly individuals who are abroad.

The remarks came as Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin warned of the danger of more attacks inside France, adding that the country is “in a war” against Islamic extremism “inside and outside,” following the murder of three individuals in a suspected terrorist attack at Nice’s Notre-Dame basilica on Thursday.

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The Foreign Ministry had issued safety advice on Tuesday to its citizens in a number of Muslim-majority countries around the world, including Bangladesh, Indonesia, Iraq, Mauritania and Turkey, advising them to “exercise the greatest vigilance” and avoid any protests and public gatherings.