A lion cub has been recently born in the Baku Zoo, IDEA Public Union said.

Founder and head of the IDEA Public Union Leyla Aliyeva, who visited the Baku Zoo, observed the living conditions of the lion cub.

The lion cub is kept separately from its mother, who cannot care for it. Currently, the lion cub is in a specially equipped warm room under constant supervision of a doctor and zoo staff.

The number of lions which are kept in the zoo reached five after an approximately three-kilogram lion cub was born.

As is known, the Baku Zoo, was reconstructed oupon the initiative of Leyla Aliyeva, opened its doors to visitors in October of 2021.

More comfortable cells, an aqua terrarium, a petting zoo, an artificial lake, swimming pools and a veterinary clinic have been built for the animals which are kept in the zoo. The cells in which the animals are kept have been prepared taking into account the specific needs of each species, and have been expanded.

The main goal is to transform the zoo into an educational, research and conservation center capable of informing visitors about wildlife, in particular, the fauna of Azerbaijan.

Favorable conditions have been created for the increase and reintroduction of the species which are included in Azerbaijan’s Red List of Threatened Species, for the reproduction of animals which are kept here.