Heydar Aliyev was loved both in Azerbaijan and Moscow, by everyone in close contact with him, former official of the Soviet Committee for State Security (KGB) Vladimir Tupitsyn, who once worked as Heydar Aliyev’s driver during his work in Moscow and who has warm memories of Azerbaijan’s national leader, said in an exclusive interview with Report’s Russian bureau.

“I remember the time when we traveled to Azerbaijan on vocation, visited various districts of the country, where he communicated with people very warmly and friendly, inquired about their lives and problems,” he said.

Tupitsyn said Heydar Aliyev was a very sociable person and had a talent to win people’s hearts.

He also shared his memories about the national leader’s attitude to the family.

“He was a very caring family man. The family occupied the most important place in his life,” he said adding that Heydar Aliyev paid much attention to his son and raised a worthy successor who followed his father’s precepts and continued his work.

“We got along immediately, right during our first meeting, and I don’t remember a single case of misunderstanding,” Tupitsyn said, adding that all years of their working together remained so simple and friendly.

He said his duties were to ensure the security of the high-ranking officials he worked with.

“Since I was a security officer of the ninth department, my functions included both protection and ensuring complete human safety. Before trips, the entire route of our movement was always verified, Heydar Alievich always trusted us completely,” said Tupitsyn.

He added that such an attitude imposed great responsibility, while at the same time facilitating the work.