The snap parliamentary elections scheduled for June 20, 2021, are extremely important for the future of Armenia, said Former Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan reiterating his support to Robert Kocharyan.

“As a result of the Nagorno-Karabakh war, our country has ended up in a deep crisis, stopping the course of which is urgent today. The moment is crucial, the challenges—multi-layered and dangerous, whereas the solutions—limited and require high professionalism”, Karen Karapetyan noted.

“Robert Kocharyan the second President, leader of the “Armenia” bloc which is running in the snap parliamentary elections on June 20, and candidate for prime minister can provide that. The combination of his experience gained while holding public offices, as well as in a competitive and multicultural business environment, and the personal and administrative qualities necessary for a leader, enable him—by forming a professional team—to get the country out of crisis and lead it to a prosperous future”, Karapetyan stated.

He also added Robert Kocharyan will create an environment where the potential existing in their society will be realized to the maximum, and they will have a national, modern, rational, and efficient state.