“The lack of a proper practical response by the international community has created the euphoria of victory and a false illusion of permissiveness on the Armenian side.”

Report informs, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan Jeyhun Bayramov said in an interview with the Russian magazine “National Defense”.

According to him, the international community’s insufficiently active position should be noted among the factors that led to the events of September 27: “By committing aggression against Azerbaijan, continuing to hold Azerbaijani territories under military occupation, Armenia grossly violated international law. Even adopting four well-known UN Security Council resolutions was not enough to end the Armenian aggression and eliminate its consequences. “

The minister recalled that in a number of international crises and conflicts, UN Security Council resolutions were implemented very promptly and in full.

“In the case of the Armenian aggression, alas, they remained on paper. Armenia refused to comply with the UN resolutions, and no one in the world called the aggressor state to account. This is an evident practice of double standards. “

“Pashinyan’s administration has been moving towards the events of September 27 for more than two years. They can and should have been stopped at every stage after the next provocative statement or action. There were all political and diplomatic possibilities for this. Unfortunately, this did not happen.