The Debed River overflowed its banks in the Lori region of Armenia, causing the closure of the interstate road to Georgia for traffic in both directions, Report informs, citing the Road Department of Armenia.

According to the department, due to heavy rains, the road was damaged, and drivers were asked to use other roads to get to the border with Georgia.

The river has also flooded residential buildings in the town of Alaverdi near the border.

According to the Internal Affairs Ministry of Armenia, at least one person has died, another is missing and buildings and infrastructure have been destroyed due to flooding in the Lori region.

According to the ministry, a section of the Vanadzor-Alaverdi (M-6) highway, about 50 meters long, has been destroyed, and a search is underway for an elderly man who fell into the river.

Besides, the bridge over the Debed River leading to the Karkop settlement of the Alaverdi municipal community, was destroyed. The Ministry of Internal Affairs said that 70 residents of the village of Dzoraget were evacuated to a safe area.