Five more Azerbaijani athletes punished for doping use.

Report informs referring to the official website of the Azerbaijan National Anti-Doping Agency (AMADA), they are judokas Rufat Ismailov and Aliya Muslimova, athlete Azer Akhmedov, cyclist Kirill Pozdnyakov and weight-lifter Orkhan Zeynalov.

R. Ismailov disqualified for 1 year. His sentence was calculated from May 22, 2018, and that period has already ended. Muslimova was punished for 24 months, her punishment is counted from April 11, 2019.

The sentence of A.Ahmedov was completed. The period of his disqualification covered November 23, 2017 – May 23, 2019.

K.Pozdnyakov was punished for 24 months, from May 11, 2019.

O. Zeynalov has the heaviest punishment (48 months). The disqualification of the weight-lifter began on March 7, 2019.