“We have not applied to the government to revise the forecasts of the state budget for 2020,” Finance Minister Samir Sharifov said at the meeting of Economic Policy, Industry and Entrepreneurship Committee of the Azerbaijani Parliament.

“We don’t hurry and are in a waiting position,” he added.

He reminded the quarantine regime in the country: “Negative impacts of the quarantine regime were inevitable. However, we are observing other processes in the economy. Results of four months already exist, but the results of the five months will be available soon.”w

State budget revenues are forecasted at AZN 24,134,500,000, expenditures – at AZN 26, 894,700,000.

In January-April 2020, the revenues of the state budget amounted to AZN 9.6 billion, expenditures – AZN 7.3 billion, respectively, up 27.6% and 0.7% from the previous year.

Consequently, the budget surplus makes up AZN 2.3 billion.