Farmers’ and peasant unions in India announced they would resume a protest march on New Delhi on Wednesday after talks with central government officials failed to reach an agreement, Report informs via India Today.

Sources in the leadership of the protesters say the farmers are ready to march on the capital with 1,200 tractors, as well as bulldozers, which they intend to use to destroy police fences.

The protesters claim that they can gather about 100,000 people; their main forces are located in the village of Shambhu on the border of the states of Punjab and Haryana, about 200 km from New Delhi. The protest march began on February 13. All this time, the authorities have been trying to convince the farmers to stop the protest, but they, in turn, accuse the government of being unwilling to reach an agreement.

Police in the National Capital Region of Delhi, which includes New Delhi, said they would not allow protesters to enter the city. According to NDTV, which uses drones for aerial footage, numerous concrete barriers, barbed wire fences and nail strips have been erected along the route to Delhi to prevent farmers’ tractors from entering New Delhi. All key entry points into the metropolis are blocked by rows of metal and cement barriers.