“If we are talking about a fair solution to the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict, of course, Azerbaijanis must return there. Speaking of the cultural heritage in present-day Armenia caused hysteria in this country,” said Farid Shafiyev, chairman of the board of the Center of Analysis of International Relations.

“We are accused of making a territorial claim against Armenia. We make no territorial claim,” Shafiyev stressed, noting that Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev has repeatedly stated this in his speech: “However, we have a claim to our heritage, history, and material wealth, and this is fully justified from a historical and legal point of view. At one time, Armenians settled in the territory of Azerbaijan. Therefore, Armenians can return to the territory of Azerbaijan. This, of course, will be reciprocal. We must also return to Armenia. This means the full restoration of justice.”