According to the results of the elections to the European Parliament in Poland, the party of the current Prime Minister Donald Tusk beat the previous party in power, Law and Justice, by a slight margin, and the far-right Confederation took third place, Report informs referring to foreign media.

The election results appeared on June 10 morning.

Tusk’s “Civic Coalition” receives 37.06% of the vote and can claim 21 seats, “Law and Justice” – 36.16%.

The far-right “Confederation” got its best result in the European elections – 12.08%. With these results, the party can get six seats in the European Parliament.

This result confirmed the growing trend in the popularity of this political force, which has been observed recently. In March, 13% of respondents would be ready to support them.

The “Third Way” bloc received 6.91%, “Levitsa” – 6.3%.