People inoculated against Covid-19 in the Far East’s Sakhalin Region will be given a badge to show they are exempt from wearing a face mask. That’s according to Valery Limarenko, acting governor of the island, located near Japan.

Sakhalin, one of Russia’s wealthiest places per capita, is home to a substantial oil and gas industry. On Thursday, Limarenko revealed that the island will soon receive 9,000 doses of Russia’s domestically produced Sputnik V vaccine and will get over 10,000 every month after that.

“Everyone who gets vaccinated will receive a special badge,” he said. “[The badge] will give the wearer the right not to wear masks in public places.”

“This vaccine has worked well. Practice shows that it provides a high degree of protection. Therefore, I urge residents of the region to actively participate in vaccination.” (RT)