Paris Saint-Germain has made a donation of €100,000 to a charity to help battle the coronavirus outbreak.

The donation will provide aid to children, the elderly, and the homeless, who have all been affected by COVID-19 pandemic, according to foreign media.

The effects of the coronavirus have been felt globally, with France becoming the fifth country to record over 1000 deaths as a result of the virus.

The coronavirus pandemic was confirmed to have spread to France on 24 January 2020, when the first COVID-19 case in Europe and France was confirmed in Bordeaux. It involved a 48-year-old French citizen who arrived in France from China.

A Chinese tourist was admitted to a hospital in Paris on 28 January and died on 14 February, marking the first death from COVID-19 in Europe and France. It was also the first death outside of Asia.

As of 25 March, there have been 22,304 confirmed cases, 1,100 deaths and at least 3,281 recoveries in France.