On June 20, parents of Armenian servicemen who died under peaceful circumstances held a demonstration outside the Armenian government building, demanding the resolution of their sons’ murder cases.

According to Armenian media outlets cited by Report, the protesters met with Mkhitar Hayrapetyan, Armenia’s Minister of High-Tech Industry. The grieving families expressed their frustration to the minister, stating that the country’s Prosecutor General, Anna Vardapetyan, had failed to fulfill her promise regarding the criminal cases related to the soldiers’ deaths.

Vardapetyan had previously acknowledged that prior to her appointment, the criminal cases were opened under different articles of the Criminal Code, despite the fact that these were murders. She assured the families that these cases would be reviewed and reclassified as murders.

“However, she has done nothing and has not kept her promise. We will not rest until those responsible for the deaths of our children are brought to justice,” the protesters emphasized.