The announcement made by US Assistant Secretary of State James O’Brien that Secretary of State Antony Blinken is looking forward to receiving the foreign ministers of Azerbaijan and Armenia in Washington soon for peace talks is right and timely, US political scientist and expert in international relations Peter Tase told Report, commenting on O’Brien’s recent visit to Azerbaijan.

The announcement, albeit belated, demonstrates that the US administration has decided to resume efforts in this direction ‘after many months of diplomatic and information warfare turmoil caused by certain US Officials keen to Armenian revanchist policies in Eurasia,’ Tase said.

He noted that ‘Secretary Blinken must give a special importance to the Autonomous Republic of Nakhchivan (Azerbaijan), a territory that has been suffering under an economic blockade for over 30 years.’

The problem of Azerbaijani citizens in Nakhchivan, in particular, the restriction of transport links between the main territory of the country and the autonomy, has gone unnoticed by the international community, especially the US State Department, for many years, Peter Tase said, adding that now favorable conditions have arisen to resolve this situation by establishing relations with Armenia.