The expulsion of illegal armed groups of Armenia from the territory of Azerbaijan is not only a victory for the country, but also provides an opportunity for the Karabakh Armenians to move from past grievances to full integration, US journalist, national security analyst, lawyer Irina Tsukerman told Report.

“This will also benefit the local Armenian population of Karabakh, as it frees them from the stranglehold of authoritarian rulers and gives them the opportunity to live in peace. They will finally no longer be hostage to the manipulations of power-hungry demagogues,” she said, adding that the world must welcome Baku for quickly putting an end to lawlessness and helping to stabilize the situation in the region.

She noted that Azerbaijan’s anti-terrorism measures were a huge success, because in just one day Baku forced the separatists to surrender. Thus, illegal armed groups that didn’t comply with the terms of the trilateral agreement of 2020 and didn’t leave the territory of Azerbaijan were now forced to publicly admit that they had been there all along and attacked Azerbaijan in violation of international law, she added.