The French establishment is held “hostage” by the Armenian diaspora, France-based lawyer Zaur Sadigbayli told Report.

“The Armenian Diaspora has close ties with the members of the French Parliament, who have their own benefit in supporting Armenia,” he said.

The lawyer noted that the pro-Armenian policy of France is also motivated by historical premises: “Over the past century, the Armenians simply took hostage the entire French establishment because of the mistakes that France itself made.”

He also recalled the statement of the Milli Majlis regarding the anti-Azerbaijan resolution of the French Senate dated November 15, 2022. According to Sadigbayli, in the language of diplomacy such a response is called “full reciprocity”, that is, Azerbaijan has demonstrated the same attitude towards France as this country shows towards Azerbaijan. He noted that only big countries could make such statements in the past.

“This attitude of France harms bilateral relations between the countries. Because of this, France cannot be a neutral mediator between Azerbaijan and Armenia,” the lawyer added.