The selection of countries to participate in the “Summit for Democracy”, which will be held in the United States on March 30, is biased and unfair, Pakistani expert Qaiser Nawab told Report.

According to him, the specific criteria for selecting which countries to invite to the “Summit for Democracy” are not entirely clear.

“It is possible that factors such as a country’s democratic record, human rights practices, and regional stability were taken into account when determining which countries to invite. However, the decision not to invite Türkiye and Azerbaijan is biased. Nevertheless, it is also possible that lobbying efforts by diaspora communities played a role in the decision-making process,” the Pakistani expert said.

Nawab noted that regardless of the reasons for the exclusion of Azerbaijan and Türkiye from the Democracy Summit, it is important for the international community to engage with all countries in the region. “This is necessary in order to promote greater regional stability and democratic values.