Demining areas, economic growth, industrialization of the liberated lands and Zangazur Corridor are the essence of negotiations between Azerbaijan and Armenia and the European Council President Charles Michel, appears to have garnered a great level of interest in making headway with the bilateral negotiations process among the two countries, Peter Tase, an international relations expert, told Report.

“However, as the top authority and host of these discussions, Mr. Michel must do everything possible to connect by land the Autonomous Republic of Nakhchivan with the mainland of Azerbaijan,” he said.

In addition, expert noted that Armenia must provide the information about the missing persons and supply the maps showing the land mine fields inside Azerbaijani villages and towns.

“International community cannot wait indefinitely to receive these files from the Armenian government. Armenia must act urgently with a great sense of humanitarian and leadership instead of dragging the entire region into a swamp of uncertainty and confusion. The families of Azerbaijan need to know where their lost loved ones are resting and farmers in Azerbaijan need to know were Armenian land mines are located, the Caucasus cannot afford more time to wait and solve these two principal matters that worry and highly concern all of international actors,” added Tase.