The opening of the exposition of the exhibition of young artists “Let there always be Me!” organized by the KamART Art Gallery took place at the National Museum of Arts in Baku, Report informs.

The exhibition is dedicated to International Children’s Day.

Well-known figures of arts and artists Arif Aziz, Agali Ibrahimov, Vugar Ali, Mir-Teymur Mammadov, Ziyadkhan Aliyev and director of the KamART gallery Kamala Jafarzade spoke at the opening.

The exposition of exhibition featured 140 works by 47 authors aged 6 to 18 years. Many exhibitors are winners and awardees of national and international art competitions. The authors have won worthy places and awards in the US, France, Italy, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Türkiye, Greece, Russia, Japan and many other countries. Achievements at exhibitions are the highest assessment of the skill of children and the work of teachers.

The exhibition gives a detailed picture of the world of hobbies and interests of future artists of Azerbaijan. Reflecting in their works everything that surrounds them in everyday life, transferring their vision of the surrounding world to the pictures, young talents learn to see beauty around them, which means to love and glorify their country for the whole world. In their paintings, children, as always, draw what they love, what inspires them and what they dream about. Each young artist gives his individual interpretation of artistic images.

The exhibition also featured a film about the work of the KamART art gallery with young artists, the stages of their growing up and professional growth as artists.

The exhibition ended with an interesting performance with the release of pigeons into the wild. The dove is a symbol of peace, and the tradition of releasing doves on special occasions has deep roots in the traditions of Azerbaijan.

The colorful works of the exhibition reflect the voice of the inner world of young artists and their original creative thinking, were enthusiastically perceived by all the guests of the exhibition. Viewing the exposition gives a warm feeling of hope and pride for the rising generation of young talents.