The Ministry of Natinal Education of France decided to postpone the examinations in French schools due to the high temperatures that prevail in most of the country.

Reports Report citing the TASS that the head of Department Jean-Michel Blanquer said.

“Due to the intense heat, I, in consultation with the Prime Minister and the Minister of health, decided to postpone the written exams for a College diploma. Initially, the exams were scheduled for June 27 and 28. But now they will be held on July 1 and 2,” said Blanquer.

According to him, the transfer of exams will cover continental France, but not overseas territories. The Minister added that those who will not be able to pass the test in July due to circumstances, can take exam in mid-September.

French meteorological service Meteo France announced the penultimate – “orange” – the level of weather danger in the country due to the impending heat wave in 53 departments, mainly in the Central and Eastern regions of the country. According to the information, today the thermometer will rise to the level of 35-39 degrees in most of France, and the temperature will reach 38-41 degrees in the period from 26 to 28 June.