The Delegation of the European Union to Azerbaijan launches a series of trainings aimed at strengthening capacities of its implementing partners in the country. The trainings will focus on areas such as project management, Monitoring & Evaluation and other EU procedures.

The first training webinar on “EU Institution Building Instruments” for first group of trainees was held on 12 August 2020 and 8 participants from different Azerbaijani state administrations joined in to learn more about the use of Twinning & TAIEX, SIGMA, SOCIEUX as well as other assistance instruments and project modalities. The aim was to give participants an overview of each instrument and the main differences between them. The same training webinar for the second group of Azerbaijani state institutions’ representatives will be organised on 18 August 2020.

“It is the first time I attend a training webinar and I am very pleased with the good organization and conduct of this seminar. I have broadened my knowledge in various EU Institutional Building and other assistance instruments. During this seminar, I acquired new information and new experience. All participants were provided with teaching materials required to conduct the seminar, and the trainers were nice and explicit. All acquired information was explicit and interesting. During this seminar, I was informed about the main differences between EU instruments. Personally, following this seminar, I will try to use new acquired information in upcoming Twinning project what will be launched soon within my organisation,” said Aytan Narimanli, the representative of the State Statistics Committee.

The training workshops will be aimed at representatives of beneficiary institutions of on-going and upcoming projects, namely employees of beneficiary administrations and other implementing partners involved in any aspect of the EU-funded projects. The trainings will be held online and move to face-to-face meetings when circumstances so allow.

The trainings are organised in the framework of EU funded “Azerbaijan Technical Assistance Facility (ATAF)” project.