The 32nd anniversary of the Khojaly genocide, the causes of the tragedy are in the attention of the world community. In particular, the Justice for Khojaly campaign led by the Vice President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, Leyla Aliyeva, made this genocide even more actual in the international arena.

Yury Kamelchuk, a member of the ruling Servant of the People Party of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, told Report that the world’s lack of legal assessment of genocides like Khojaly has led to new crimes against humanity in his native Ukraine today: “32 years ago, Armenian militants committed a terrible genocide in the city of Khojaly, Azerbaijan, with the support of the 366th regiment of the former USSR. Unfortunately, the perpetrators have not yet been brought to justice. After that, their patrons committed such crimes in many places. Russia intervened in Ukraine in 2014 and started a large-scale war in 2022. All these are the results of the silence of the world and the biggest mistakes. The world should not be silent, the crimes committed in Khojaly and other places should be given a legal assessment. The world must consider security approaches and real protection of human rights, respect state sovereignty, and ensure peace.”

Vitalie Jacot, a member of the Moldovan parliament, on behalf of his people, expressed support to the government and people of Azerbaijan regarding the events that happened 32 years ago: “In 1992, the civilian population in Khojaly became the victim of one of the cruelest tragedies in history. Armenian militants did this with the support of the former Soviet regiment. Defenseless citizens, including women, children, and the elderly, were subjected to inhumane massacres. This cruelty not only caused untold suffering to the victims but also left eternal scars in the hearts of all mankind.”

The MP said that he deeply sympathizes with those who lost their loved ones in this tragedy and calls for support for those who are still suffering from the consequences of this brutal violence: “We cannot bring back those who lost their lives, but we can say that we do not forget you. We are ready to support the survivors in their search for justice. The shedding of innocent blood in Khojaly reminds us of the importance of learning from the past to create a more peaceful and humane future. This tragedy should be the cornerstone of our desire to end violence and conflict and our commitment to build a society where every person is protected.”