Europe needs to keep a single gas market and avoid fragmentation, said European Commission’s president Ursula von der Leyen.

“We’ve progressed much in diversifying away from Russia, getting rid of our dependency on Russian fossil fuels, and turning to a more reliable supplier. Our storage is filled by 90 percent by now. This is compared to last year same time 15 percent more. So we are in a very good state,” she said addressing a press conference.

The European Commission’s president said she has sent a letter to detail a road map on how to approach the gas and electricity price topics, the question of negotiating a corridor for decent prices with reliable suppliers or for example, looking at how to limit prices in the gas market overall and to look at how to limit the influence of gas in the price formation for electricity.

“Next spring, at the end of the winter, when our storages are depleted, it is of paramount importance that we have joint purchases of gas. We have to keep our single market together and avoid fragmentation. We have to double investments in homegrown renewables,” Ursula von der Leyen noted.