The European Parliament has voted in favour of including access to abortion in the EU’s Charter of Fundamental Rights, Report informs via Euronews.

The proposal was approved by 336 votes to 163 against, with support mainly coming from left-wing and centrist members.

Hard-left French MEP Manon Aubry attacked what she called “reactionaries” on the right for voting against the measure.

“The right to abortion is not a question of point of view,” she said. “It is a human right.

“No, the right to abortion is not a controversial issue. It is a fundamental freedom. No, the right to abortion does not kill. On the contrary, it saves lives. And while you are quietly attacking it here in the European Parliament, (Women) can count on us. We’ll be with you all the way.”

However, the vote is largely symbolic. The resolution is non-binding, and a full-fledged right to abortion access would require the backing of all 27 member states to be included in the EU’s charter.

Abortion remains heavily restricted in a few member states, which would likely veto efforts to declare it a right.