The European Union, the United Nations Development Programme and the State Agency on Vocational Education (SAVE) continue to produce online lessons for students of vocational education schools in Azerbaijan, according to the UNDP Azerbaijan.

This year, apart from video lessons on different specialities, digital resources for main courses of the curriculum are also being prepared. These video lessons will be aired on national TV channels to help students to continue their classes at home during the pandemic. To date, a series of online lessons have been produced per different specialities.

The lessons cover vocational training for entrepreneurship, personal development and career guidance, information technologies, also computer programming and fashion design specialities. They will be broadcasted during the “Class Time” programme on ARB Gunesh TV starting from 25 September 2020 and will also be available on digital platforms including YouTube channel of SAVE.

The TV lessons will aim to improve the theoretical and practical knowledge of students giving an opportunity to learning for everyone including students with no access to the internet. All lessons will also be available on the VIDEO.EDU.AZ portal of the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan.

The lessons have been recorded and produced as part of the “Establishment of Regional Vocational Education and Training Centre of Excellence in the Lankaran Economic Region project” and “Support to the establishment of Regional Industrial Vocational Education and Training (VET) Competence Centre in Ganja” projects, funded by the EU and implemented by UNDP and the State Agency on Vocational Education with the aim to strengthen and modernise Azerbaijan’s vocational education and training system.