The European Union is planning to hold a big event in Istanbul on February 22 on the occasion of the anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the head of the EU delegation in Turkiye Nikolaus Meyer-Landrut said on Monday, Report informs, referring to Daily Sabah.

He said that a Ukrainian government official would be invited while a Turkish representative would also be present at the event, which will deal with the geopolitical and economic consequences of the war.

“This is also a way of expressing our support for Ukraine. Last year, Feb. 24, the start of Russian aggression was a defining moment in European history,” he told reporters.

“People often say that 9/11 was a moment of change for American security history. I would say there is similar important European security situation on Feb. 24, 2022. We have a war on our continent, a great brutal war, a war with consequences far beyond the European continent,” EU official added.