The EU and FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN) are eyeing a joint program to help Azerbaijan’s agricultural sector, in particular, the local farmers, said Victor Bojkov, Head of Cooperation of the Representative Office of the EU in Azerbaijan.

“We have an annual supporting program for Azerbaijan which reaches up to 15 million euros,” he explained. “Every year we allocate this sum of money, which we decide to spend in different areas, for example, healthcare or education, investment opportunities, so this program comes from that particular amount of money.”

Now the EU, as Bojkov said, is looking to allocate a certain portion of the mentioned sum of money, and jointly with FAO implement a new program in Azerbaijan’s agricultural sector.

“I am talking, at the top of my head, the half of 15 million euros,” he said, without revealing any further details.

Bojkov noted that the aim is to help the farmers promote domestic production.

Meanwhile, FAO is focused on implementing projects to improve product quality and protect the environment in Azerbaijan, as FAO Subregional Coordinator for Central Asia Viorel Gutu said during a regional seminar on the activities of FAO offices in Türkiye and Azerbaijan earlier in January.

FAO targets supporting food and waste management projects in Azerbaijan. The parties implemented over 60 joint projects in agriculture, in particular, improved the agricultural environment, as well as food security in the country’s regions.

Azerbaijan is also paying special attention to developing agriculture in its liberated lands.