The European Council has approved an agreement on security commitments with Ukraine, according to Belgian Foreign Minister Hadja Lahbib, Report informs via RBC-Ukraine.

Lahbib stated that this morning the EU Council approved a draft joint security agreement between the European Union and Ukraine and mentioned the opening of EU accession negotiations.

The minister added that Belgium was preparing for the next European Council summit to take place later this week in Brussels.

This European Council will give a full picture of the support for Ukraine in all its manifestations, she also mentioned.

On June 19, Ukraine’s Presidential Office announced that the text of the agreement on security commitments with the European Union had been approved. This agreement is another step towards strengthening the security of the country, which has already signed similar agreements with more than 10 other countries.

The countries that have signed agreements with Ukraine share some common provisions. They all express support for Ukraine in the military conflict, are ready to assist in various fields and promote its integration into the EU and NATO.