The European Union may dissolve within 10-15 years if migration is not brought under control, Deputy Minister of Interior and Administration of Poland Maciej Duszczyk believes, Report informs referring to TASS.

“If we cannot control migration, we are in danger of the [collapse of] Schengen. If Schengen falls, there will be fewer arguments in favor of the EU’s existence. In this instance, the EU could disintegrate. This is a very realistic scenario for the next 10-15 years,” the politician told Radio Zet.

He explained that stricter border laws may be introduced in some countries of the union if the recently adopted EU migration pact is not amended soon. This could be the beginning of the end of the Schengen zone, Duszczyk emphasized.

On May 14, the EU Council approved the Migration and Asylum Pact, which tightens EU migration rules across the board. This extensive set of reforms, which has been under development since 2015, introduces the principles of establishing processing centers at the border for migrants who have no obvious claims to asylum in order to facilitate their subsequent expulsion from the EU.