As the humanitarian situation continues to worsen in the Middle East, the European Commission will provide €125 million in humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people in 2024, Report informs, citing the commission.

This new funding will support humanitarian organisations working in both Gaza and the West Bank.

In Gaza, where the humanitarian needs are at an all-time high, the focus will be on life-saving emergency response, and restoring access to basic needs like water, food, healthcare, shelter, and sanitation. The humanitarian response will also prioritise the protection of the most vulnerable groups, psychosocial support and education in emergencies.

In the West Bank, where many Palestinian communities are at risk of displacement, EU-funded humanitarian projects will provide protection services, such as legal aid or material assistance.

“EU-funded humanitarian assistance is provided in line with the humanitarian principles of humanity, neutrality, impartiality and independence. It is delivered through the UN humanitarian agencies, non-governmental organisations and the International Committee of the Red Cross, as well as many local aid organisations partnering with them,” the commission said.

The EU has been providing humanitarian assistance to Palestinians since 2000.

The full-scale military operation, following the Hamas terror attack of October 7, along with the complete siege on Gaza imposed by the Israeli Government, has brought the already dire humanitarian situation in Gaza to a catastrophic level.