The EU has recognized vaccine certificates from San Marino as equivalent to its own Digital COVID Certificate. Most of the population of the tiny European country have been inoculated with the Russian-produced Sputnik V formula.

The EU announced that a decision had been made to accept vaccine certificates issued by the governments of San Marino and the Vatican.

A technical document, dated July 30, also outlined that a decision on equivalence had been reached between the EU and the aforementioned micro-states, meaning that certificates issued in San Marino and the Vatican could be used as proof of vaccination in the EU, and vice-versa.

“Therefore, Covid-19 certificates issued by San Marino in accordance with the ‘smdcc’ system should be accepted under the conditions referred to in Article 5(5), Article 6(5), and Article 7(8) of Regulation (EU) 2021/953,” the document reads. (RT)