The head of the Border Guard Directorate of the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board, Eva Kalmus, said that the country’s authorities could “at any time” decide to close the border with Russia, following the example of Finland, Report informs via Yle.

In this regard, Eva Kalmus warned Estonians against traveling to the Russian Federation, since it would be difficult for them to return.

“We ask Estonians not to travel to Russia. Those who have already gone to the Russian Federation may find themselves in a dead end when it will be very difficult to return,” Kalmus said in an interview.

According to her, checkpoints on the border between Estonia and Russia can be closed within an hour after the relevant decision of the country’s government. As Eva Kalmus emphasized, while the decision on the need to close the border with the Russian Federation is at the discussion stage, the authorities are considering both arguments for and against such measures.