Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan expressed hopes that Armenia will choose the right path and that a new era will begin in the region, Report informs.

While returning from Iraq, the head of state of Türkiye told reporters that now a new order is being established in the region: “It is time to put aside baseless ideas. It is always better to act on the realities of the time than to act on fictional historical narratives that have nothing to do with reality. Pashinyan has already understood this.”

The Turkish leader added that historians are primarily concerned with what happened in the historical process: “We spoke very openly about the issue of the so-called Armenian genocide from the beginning. We said we could open our archives, and we did. Now is the time to create new roadmaps on a realistic basis. I hope that Armenia will get rid of the darkness that the diaspora has enslaved them and choose the way to make new beginnings for a bright future. Doors of opportunity are not always open. If it remains open, it should be used well.”