A leading Polish architectural bureau is on the shortlist for a competition to design a concert hall in the Azerbaijani city of Shusha, Ambassador of Poland to Azerbaijan Rafal Poborski told Report.

Polish architects visited Azerbaijan, he noted: “They presented also their vision or projects concerning reconstruction of the regained territories. One of the leading Polish architectural bureaus was shortlisted for the construction or design of the Shusha Concert Hall. So, we are keeping our fingers crossed for them to win this competition. And we hope that with this new project, our footprint, Polish architects’ footprint in Azerbaijan will start anew.”

“The presence of Poles here in Baku, especially at the beginning of the last century, was very profound. And there were Polish engineers, Polish architects, Polish scientists, and they took a very active part in development of Azerbaijan that time. So, there’s more than 300 buildings in Baku designed by Polish architects, including most famous one like the building of the Executive Power of the Baku City or the Ismailiyya Palace [Presidium of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan] and many others,” he added.