On March 17, the State Examination Center will hold a test examination for civil service.

Report informs citing the Center that the exam will be conducted through a computer.

The examination will be held in Baku city, Nasimi district, Abdulvahab Salamzadeh street, building of Baku Asian University. The registration will last until 17:00 today.

Candidates willing to participate in the exam must create a “Personal Cabinet” in the portal of the State Examination Center. When the applicant creates the cabinet, the money account is opened. You can familiarize with the fee rates for the participation in the exams. You can use different payment methods (detailed information is available on www.payment.dim.gov.az) to include funds to the money account in the “Personal Cabinet”. Once the “Personal Cabinet” is created and the funds are included into the account, it is necessary to register in the portal of the State Examination Center using the “Online Registration for Participation in Test Exam on Entrance to Civil Service” in order to participate in the exams.

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According to the statistical data on the register of civil servants, there are 56 vacancies on AA task position group, 419 vacancies on AB position group, and 1,033 vacancies on AC position group. There are quite high positions among existing vacancies.

Notably, successful candidates who passed the test examination will be given a certificate according to the position that include subgroups.