Residents who return to Azerbaijan’s Lachin will have no problems with employment. Seven enterprises have already begun the hiring process, Elnur Abdullayev, executive officer for projects implemented in Lachin, told Report.

He noted that as part of his trip to Lachin, President Ilham Aliyev laid the foundation for the villages of Gorchu and Shalva. In addition, he gave recommendations and instructions in connection with the creation of jobs in accordance with the state program to improve the social situation of citizens who will return to Lachin:

“We are now in the Lachin agropark, a district with industrial and manufacturing enterprises. It is planned to open large and small enterprises in this area to provide employment for the inhabitants of Lachin. Currently, construction work is being completed at the first stage. At the moment, more than 200 residents who will return to Lachin, are provided with work,” he added.

Abdullayev noted that since Lachin is located on the coast of the Hakari River, it is planned to create a fishing industry there.