“It became clear in March that the European Championship would not take place in 2020. Preparations went according to plan and consisted of three stages. The first is the planning stage, which is all that happened before March. The second stage is the implementation, while the third is the beginning of the EURO 2020.”

Report quotes AFFA Executive Vice President Elkhan Mammadov told Match TV about the preparations for EURO 2020.

The federation official said that they have completed the planning stage for the championship and entered the implementation period. Mammadov recalled that UEFA postponed the match at that time: We prepared the stadium, which was advantageous for us. We do not need investment, and everything went according to plan. No significant events were planned at the stadium in June 2021. We are trying to implement all the work inside to preserve this beautiful grass cover.”

The Executive Vice President also spoke about the resumption of the Azerbaijani Premier League. He stressed that on the initiative of AFFA, all players got tested for coronavirus: “All clubs agreed. It is a preparatory stage. As for the resumption of the championship, the clubs need to start training. But we should take into account specific risks. We comply with the instruction of the Task Force under the Cabinet of Ministers.”

Notably,12 cities – Baku, St. Petersburg, London, Munich, Rome, Bucharest, Dublin, Copenhagen, Bilbao, Glasgow, Budapest, and Amsterdam will host the European Championship. The Azerbaijani side has given UEFA a state guarantee that it will organize EURO 2020.

Baku Olympic Stadium will host Group A matches Switzerland – Wales, Turkey – Wales, and Turkey – Switzerland and one match of the quarterfinals. Yesterday AFFA announced the date of restoration of the Azerbaijani Premier League.