Baku has a record of hosting sporting events as well as the Eurovision Song Contest and would be able to accommodate the growing demands of COP, Elin Suleymanov, Azerbaijan Ambassador to the UK, told Bloomberg, Report informs.

Climate Home News earlier reported that the 29th session of the Conference of the Parties of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP29) will be held in Baku.

In a joint statement of the Administration of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Office of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia dated December 7, it is noted that, as a gesture of goodwill, Armenia is withdrawing its candidacy to host COP29 in support of Azerbaijan.

Elin Suleymanov said his country’s bid was made possible following rare peace talks on Thursday with neighboring Armenia.

“Azerbaijan was in the first place of the first oil boom of the 20th Century,” he said. “It was the beginning of the energy revolution and I think Azerbaijan could become a host of major events advancing the energy transition.”