An election campaign has officially begun in Britain.

Report informs citing the Deutsche Welle that in this regard the current composition of the Parliament of the country was officially dissolved.

Special elections will be held on December 12, and the first meeting is scheduled for December 16.

The German edition reports that thanks to these elections Prime Minister of Great Britain Boris Johnson intends to leave the “stalemate” situation connected with Brexit, however observers aren’t sure that it will be possible. Though Johnson-led conservatives are leading in opinion polls, it is not excluded that none of the major parties will have an absolute majority, Deutsche Welle adds.

Yesterday night, Johnson held telephone talks with US President Donald Trump, when the parties discussed the US-British trade relations after the UK leaves the EU. According to the White House, the two sides reaffirmed their intention to conclude a “credible” bilateral trade agreement. As long as the UK is a member of the European Union, it cannot conclude such an agreement.

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Notably, the European Union agreed to a flexible postponement of Brexit until January 31, 2020.