Argentina’s President-elect Javier Milei said that the closure of the country’s central bank, a signature campaign pledge, was a “non-negotiable matter”, according to a statement from his office posted on social media platform X, Report informs referring to Reuters.

The comments, in response to what he called “false rumors”, come as the outsider libertarian economist races to put together his team ahead of taking office on December 10, with some signs that he is picking a more moderate Cabinet that expected.

Argentina’s social security administration ANSES, a key institution given Milei’s pledge to slash state spending and subsidies, will be lead by economist Osvaldo Giordano from the key central Cordoba region, the statement added.

That marks a shift from a previous plan that Milei would appoint a close ally to lead the administration.

Horacio Marin, a private energy sector executive, was also confirmed as the incoming chief of state oil company YPF.

Milei faces major hurdles to implement his more radical reform plans, which include dollarizing the economy, shutting the central bank and privatizing state companies like YPF, which will take time if they can be done at all.