The Zangazur corridor can become an important means for strengthening trust and peacebuilding between Armenia and Azerbaijan, the Azerbaijani President’s Representative for Special Assignments, Ambassador Elchin Amirbayov said during a panel discussion at the Antalya Diplomacy Forum, Report informs.

Speaking at the session “New Dynamics of Cooperation in Eurasia,” he emphasized that in addition to purely economic benefits, restoring transport links between countries in a post-conflict environment can also play the role of an important confidence-building measure and become an effective tool for building peace.

“A striking example of this is the Zangazur corridor project, which can not only establish direct transport links between Armenia and Azerbaijan, but also put an end to the economic isolation of Armenia in the region.

In addition, the implementation of this project will benefit and fully meet the interests of other countries in the region, primarily Türkiye, Russia and Iran.

Besides, the Zangazur corridor can become an alternative route to the already existing Trans-Caspian International Middle Corridor, connecting China with Europe through Central Asia and the South Caucasus through the territory of Azerbaijan and Georgia,” the presidential representative emphasized.