There are continuous attempts by external players to destabilize the peace process in the South Caucasus, said Elchin Amirbayov, Representative of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan on special assignments, in an interview with BBC.

“There are continuous attempts by some external players to potentially destabilize the ongoing peace process and put it at risk. There is a clear attempt to turn the South Caucasus into an arena of geopolitical rivalry, and clear attempts to draw some new dividing lines in the region. Also, some of the Western partners try to bolster the military capacity of Armenia,” he said.

Amirbayov pointed out that Azerbaijan reconfirms its full commitment to the peaceful resolution of the remaining differences with Armenia.

“We stand for the intensification of negotiations between the two parties, and we would like to reassure the Armenian side that the basic principle which is the recognition of territorial integrity is also a commitment taken by Azerbaijan. We also expect that Armenia will also stop blocking the land connection between the main part of Azerbaijan and Nakchivan,” he added.