Yerevan must understand that there is no alternative to peace, and Azerbaijan and Armenia must again become good neighbors, turning the page of hostility and confrontation, Elchin Amirbayov, an Assistant to the First Vice-President of Azerbaijan, said in an interview with the Vatican news portal FarodiRoma, Report informs.

According to Amirbayov, Armenia has been blocking the peace process for more than four months, refusing to conduct direct negotiations with Azerbaijan.

“Two years after the conclusion of the ceasefire agreement, Armenia continues to grossly violate its provisions by refusing to withdraw its armed forces of almost 10,000 troops from the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan. In addition, Armenia uses the Lachin road for the illegal transfer of weapons, anti-personnel mines and military personnel to further strengthen its illegal military presence in the sovereign territory of Azerbaijan,” he said.

“All this makes the current situation in the region very dangerous,” Amirbayov stressed, urging Armenia to refrain from a revanchist position and return to the negotiating table with Azerbaijan.

Commenting on the bilateral cooperation between Azerbaijan and the Vatican, Amirbayov noted that Azerbaijan strives to continue expanding and enriching interaction with the Holy See in all possible ways.

“Azerbaijan is located at the crossroads of East and West and shares the values of both civilizations. Taking advantage of its key geostrategic position, our country serves as an intercultural bridge between different cultures and religions,” he emphasized.

The Assistant to the First Vice President also noted that Azerbaijan’s role as a strategic economic center in Eurasia has recently been strengthened by its significant contribution to world energy security.

“Besides, the critical geostrategic location at the crossroads of East and West has turned Azerbaijan into a natural international platform for intercultural and interfaith dialogue,” Amirbayov added.