The Ministry of Health and the State Agency on Mandatory Health Insurance has issued a joint statement regarding the citizens hospitalized in the country on suspicion of coronavirus infection.

According to the information, four more people were placed in the Department of Infectious Diseases of Clinical Medical Center No. 1. All of them are Iranian citizens aged 19-21 who arrived in Baku a few days ago. They have been hospitalized with fever.

The Clinical Medical Center informed the Health Ministry that six patients, one Azerbaijani and five Iranian citizens, are being treated in the infectious diseases department. Three of them are in good condition and do not have any health problems. The remaining three have symptoms of flu. Doctors continue to monitor their state.

According to the information, the young men have arrived from the Iranian province with no confirmed case of coronavirus. They have not been in contact with infected people.

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The Ministry of Health urges citizens to take a sensitive approach to the issue and not to rely on false information on social networks.

The number of people hospitalized with suspected coronavirus in Azerbaijan has reached eight. Six of them are under supervision in the Clinical Medical Center No.1, while two are being treated in a specially designated medical facility.

Neighboring Iran has confirmed cases of infection in nine regions. A total of 61 people have been diagnosed with the disease, which claimed 12 lives, while only three have recovered.